Now in Print RSCDS Cornwall Branch first book of dances

Cornish Hospitality

A collection of 12 Scottish Country dances with a Cornish Connection

This collection of Scottish Country dances have all been chosen as they represent the many diverse and interesting facets of the county.

Several of the dance devisers live and dance in Cornwall and were inspired to write their dance to celebrate a specific event.

The book is illustrated in colour. Each dance has a short introduction explaining why it was written, the full dance instructions, and dance diagrams to aid the dancer. 5 of the 12 dances have had tunes written especially for them and the musical scores for these can be found at the back of the book.


Dances seen in green below, have links to videos

The book contains the following dances:

Cornish Hospitality                          8x32R

Tandem to Anvil                               8x32J

Carrick Castles                                 3x32S (triangular set)

PZ40                                                    4x40R

Brown Willy                                       4x32R (sq set)

Ballemuir Strathspey                       4x32S (2 chords)

Jig for Joan                                          8x32J

Burdens of Bude                                4x32R

Cornwall Revisited                            1x80S (sq set)

The Lass from Brittany                      8x40R

Crossing the Brook                             8x32R

Mrs Carmichael of Okataina            3x32S



       This book would make an ideal Christmas present for dancing friends.

The cost is £10 + £1.50 p&p

RSCDS Cornwall Branch members £7.50 plus postage.

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